CSXT 1543 and Chessie System Caboose at Evansville, IN…

November 4, 2017 – I’m amazed by what the camera can see that the eye doesn’t! When I pulled up to this spot with fellow railfan Ryan Scott, we both looked at the scene and man it’s dark!! I love how my full frame sensor captured all the ambient light and how it turned the slow moving clouds into almost what looks like the aurora borealis in some ways!!!

Here we see a CSXT 1543, a GP-15, tied to Chessie System Caboose 904138 on the City Lead that runs along next to Ohio Street in Evansville, Indiana. The set is used to work the industrial area around Berry Plastics and the caboose is used as the shoving platform.

ISO 100 for 30 seconds at f/6.3 with a Nikon 18mm lens on a Nikon D800.

CSX N855-15 and Q513 at Hybird, Evansville, IN

September 20, 2017 – CSX N855-15 and Q513 sit at the north end of Hybird at Evansville, Indiana, as they both wait for a signal to depart from Howell Yard and head south on the Henderson Subdivision. N855 is headed up by CSXT 2498, an ex-Conrail unit still with Conrail class lights.

CSX Q513 (Avon, IN – Waycross, GA) departs Howell Yard…

September 20, 2017 – CSX Q513 (Avon, IN – Waycross, GA) departs Howell Yard with UP units 7191, 9608 and lease unit KLWX 5749 trailing, that is a ex-CP unit, as they head south on the Henderson Subdivision with northbound Q648 (Waycross, GA – Chicago, IL) waiting in the distance to enter the yard.