Railfanning CSX’s Henderson Subdivision

Here’s a map I set up on Google that shows most of my favorite spots to railfan on the Henderson Subdivision. Click on the map for better view and legend. CSX’s Henderson Subdivision runs between Nashville, TN and Evansville, IN.

Pictures of Railfanning locations on
CSX’s Henderson Subdivision

These locations follow Highway 41 from Evansville, Indiana to Amqui, Tn mostly all the way. The railroad does veer away occasionally so you’ll need to take that into consideration. Milepost (MP) numbers can be found on any railroad crossing post and along the right of way from time to time. Click on the thumbnail to get the MP and Google Map location and to see a larger view of a photo from that general location. Photos follow the Henderson Subdivision starting at Hybrid, Evansville, Indiana and end at Amqui, Tennessee. Locations go from left to right in descending order. Hover over thumbnails to get MP location.