Indiana Southern Railroad 3371 loading coal at Somerville mine, Somerville, IN

January 17, 2018 – It’s a cold winter day as Indiana Southern Railroad’s 3371 and 3388 makes the turn heading back out of the coal loop at Peabody’s Somerville Central Mine in Somerville, Indiana. The train was about halfway loaded when the mine developed a problem with its belt-line and the train had to slow from a craw to a dead stop while it was repaired.

Indiana Southwestern Railway 912 & 806 at Harwood Yard in Evansville, Indiana

December 26, 2017 – Pioneer Lines PREX 912 (GP9) and 806 (GP8) sit idle in the yard at the Indiana Southwestern Railway at their Harwood Yard in Evansville, Indiana the day after Christmas. I hadn’t been to this location before fellow railfan William Crupper took me by there today. I’m sure someone’s mentioned it before though, perhaps Ryan Scott?

I’d love to catch them out working in the Evansville area sometime. Can anyone tell me when they run their trains and any sort of a schedule when I might catch them leaving? Also, any info on industries they pick-up at would be nice to know as well!

According to Wikipeda: Indiana Southwestern Railway (reporting mark ISW) is a subsidiary of Pioneer Railcorp, operator of several short-line railroad companies. The ISW is a Class III railroad, and operated on 17 miles of track from Evansville, Indiana, northward to Cynthiana, Indiana. That track is currently out of service but switching still occurs in ISW’s yard and surrounding industries.

The line was originally operated as part of an Illinois Central Railroad line that ran all the way to Newton, Illinois. Illinois Central sold off the line south of Browns, Illinois, to Indiana Hi-Rail Corporation; the line went through a succession of operators, all of which had to contend with the line’s ancient bridge over the Wabash River near Grayville, Illinois. The bridge suffered damage from floods on more than one occasion, and one span finally collapsed completely around 1999.

Pioneer bought the line and its Evansville shops in 2000 from the Evansville Terminal Railway. However, when Pioneer stopped shipping grain, the track had to be dismantled and salvaged at the close of 2011. Only the small stretch from the interchange northwest of Evansville to just north of their yard is still used, a distance of about 4 miles.

The dates back to 1881 as part of the Evansville and Peoria Railroad, which then became part of the Peoria, Decatur & Evansville Railway through a series of purchases. The PD&E became part of Illinois Central in 1900. The ISW is currently the only remaining in-service segment of the PD&E south of Mattoon, Illinois.

NS 8104 Lehigh Valley at Squaw Creek Mine, Boonville, Indiana

December 26, 2017 – “Twas the night before Christmas” when empty Norfolk Southern coal train D435-24, with Lehigh Valley Heritage Unit 8104 pulled to a stop outside the Squaw Creek Mine at Booneville, Indiana, where it still sits the day after Christmas, waiting for a crew to take it on into the mine for loading. With the holidays over crews across the nation will soon once again begin to move their trains.

Southern Railroad tied down on the Duke Energy track outside of Edwardsport, Indiana

November 24, 2017 – Fellow Railfan Ryan Scott and I were out searching for a High and Wide movement of a transformer when we ran across this string of Indiana Southern Railroad tied down on the Duke Energy track outside of Edwardsport, Indiana. Wasn’t exactly what we were looking for but they made for a nice picture!!! We did find the high and wide at Elnora, IN.

Norfolk Southern 375 Westbound drops helpers at Georgetown, IN

November 24, 2017 – Westbound Norfolk Southern 375 stops briefly on the main at Georgetown, IN so the units that helped push it up the grade from Louisville, Ky to be dropped off from the rear of its train, giving me just long enough to get off one exposure before it started moving again!

Indiana Southern High and Wide Movement, Elnora, IN

November 25, 2017 – Indiana Southern Railroad 3384 and 3386 pull off the Indiana Southern onto the Indiana Railroad at Elnora, Indiana as they move a high and wide transformer load. The transformer was moving to Worthington, Indiana where it will be off loading for the co-op between Worthington and Switz City, In.ndiana Soutern High and Wide Movement, Elnora, IN

Louisville & Indiana Railroad Shops at Dusk, Jeffersonville, IN

November 23, 2017 – I spent the day railfanning Indiana with fellow photographer Ryan Scott today. Part of the trip was from Seymour to to Jeffersonville, Indiana on the Louisville and Indiana Railroad. We didn’t catch anything moving on this day after Thanksgiving running, but arrived at the engine facility just after sunset and found this great glow on the power sitting there! Rather made up for the lack of movement in my opinion!
We actually had a good day also catching short line action on the Indiana Southern with a high and wide movement which you’ll see in the next few days. In addition we caught the Norfolk Southern’s “Bar” unit! I’ll leave the details on these and other units to a later post!

With long hood forward, Norfolk Southern Railroad 8772…

October 26, 2017 – With long hood forward, Norfolk Southern Railroad 8772 heads up a rail train as it sits on the Norfolk Southern/Indiana Southern diamond at Oakland City, Indiana. The engineer was waiting for the crew on the back of the train to cut a piece of rail, before moving ahead to the east to drop more rail.

CSX Q648 (Waycross, GA – Chicago, IL) heads down the viaduct at Rham, Indiana

November 4, 2017 – CSX Q648 (Waycross, GA – Chicago, IL) heads down the viaduct at Rham, Indiana as it heads north to Chicago, Illinois on the Henderson Subdivision.